Induction Into the MTFOA Hall of Fame
Do you know of an MTFOA official who has gone above and beyond on behalf of the MTFOA and scholastic football officiating?  If so, you should nominate them today for the MTFOA Hall of Fame.  Just like the TSSAA Hall of Champions, nominees must exemplify the highest standards of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and moral character.   

There are some required qualifiers for nomination and enshrinement into the MTFOA Hall of Fame:

  • Must have been retired from full-time, on-field, and active officiating for three years.
  • Must have been a member of the MTFOA for a minimum of ten (10) seasons
  • The untimely death of an MTFOA member makes that member eligible for nomination to the next ballot
  • All TSSAA Hall of Champions inductees are automatically enshrined into the MTFOA HoF
  • The selection committee is comprised of the five current MTFOA members below and the Board of Directors:
    • Jeff Clark
    • Freeman Cooper
    • John Griswold
    • Mark Jenkins
    • Shawn Johnson
  • All nominations should be submitted via email to
  • After nominations are received, the selection committee and Board of Directors will select up to 3 new members but have the authority to induct more if they so choose.
MTFOA Hall of Fame Members
  1. Bob Heriges
    Class of 1987
  2. John David Scobey
    Class of 1994
  3. Junior Ward
    Class of 1997
  4. Ray "Hoss" Fuller
    Class of 2003
  5. Vic Francescon
    Class of 2010
  6. Melvin Black
    Class of 2014
  7. Butch Burnette
    Class of 2017
  8. Thomas "Shaky" Kain
    Class of 2017
  9. Joe Shapiro
    Class of 2017
  10. Joe Griffith
    Class of 2017
  11. Richard Green
    Class of 2018
  12. William Gupton
    Class of 2018
  13. Shannon Little
    Class of 2018
  14. Wilbert Smith
    Class of 2018
  15. George "Ump" Turner
    Class of 2018
  16. Billy Still
    Class 2018