Penalty Enforcement
Basic spot enforcements:
  1. A or K going out of bounds and returning to the field (must know where player returns because this is the spot of the foul); if a player is blocked out of bounds by an opponent, he must return at the first opportunity. Also, any player going out of bounds intentionally & returning to the field, intentionally touching the ball, influencing the play, otherwise participating.
  2. No bench/sideline personnel shall hinder an opponent…    9.6.3
  3. Any person enters & participates during a down.
  4. A player whose helmet comes completely off & continues to participate…     9.6.4.g

Previous spot enforcements
  1. Injured player not replaced for one down…halftime or overtime intermissions.     9.6.4.b
  2. 12 or more players at the snap
  3. Pretended substitution at or before the snap, trying to deceive the defense.    
  4. A player lying on the ground attempting to deceive.
  5. Disqualified player re-enters the game (first thought might be UNS, but it’s not)