Working Youth Football
Experience is NOT a requirement when joining the MTFOA. We have a highly successful training program that covers every aspect of the game of football. If you have the time to commit, we have the resources to teach and develop you as a football official.
One additional and valuable source of "on the job training" is working youth football.  Below are three youth football leagues, with the coordinator of officials - all MTFOA members -  listed for each 
One thing you will always hear in your officiating meetings from experienced officials is, "If it can happen, it can happen on a Saturday." 
No truer statement can be said.
Country League
Servicing MTJFL
Coordinator of Officials - Cliff Willis
Football Officiating Group
Servicing TYFA, TNYFL, SMTYFA, and Duck River Football League
Coordinator of Officials - Cole Womack
Mid-State Football League
Servicing MSYFL
Coordinator of Officials - Ronnie Perkins